They are each built the same, but their content is different.

Vanilla PAA sites are sites with 10 to 15 PAA (People also asked) questions scraped from Google and uploaded as a WordPress Posts – this is a rapid way to gain thousands of long tail keywords in your niche. Each PAA is Schema optimized and looks great on the site. We can link to their original source if you want.

AI + PAA sites are where we generate content relevant to the keyword using AI and add it to a WordPress post. So each WordPress post has an introduction, some more relevant content and a conclusion, with the PAA questions added in the centre. This gives you a hint of legitimacy and uniqueness, over and above the PAA relevancy. These sites also contain YouTube videos and a beautiful featured image containing the question.

Pure AI sites are where your entire blog post is one big long form article. Pure AI sites look and feel like a legitimate white-hat site with featured images, YouTube videos and several sub-headings in the article. There’s a custom Yoast meta description for each article, table of content and everything else that is expected from a white-hat site.

Depends on what your end goal is, really. If you want to spam the SERPs while gaining traffic rapidly with thousands of pages, Vanilla PAA sites are for you – especially in harder niches – where every single long tail hit matters. If you’re looking to continue with the PAA setup and add a hint of legitimacy, then AI + PAA sites are for you. And if you’re not looking for PAAs at all, then go for the Pure AI sites – 1500 words of Pure AI Niche Relevant Content.

We have about 15 preferred themes that are light-weight, have great code and work well across all browsers. We work with one of these on your sites. We strive to ensure the color scheme, layout etc. of one site is very different from the other. We do the same with the logo and the way the featured images are generated.

We’ve worked with Pay Per Call, CPA, Lead-generation, Amazon Affiliates and Local before with great success. We’ve also used these sites as List Building tools that we have later sold too. Owners of such sites also work a lot with Display advertising.

While we own several such websites that have been approved by Adsense and are actively bringing in revenue – we don’t provide a guarantee for approval. Adsense team works on their own whims and is known to reject pure white-hat sites as well.

Even white-hat sites with handwritten content get de-indexed or penalized – we never really know the criteria for de-indexation. These are AI sites. If you get penalized, just move on to a new domain – contact us and we’ll reset your post dates for free. We can even paraphrase the content on your existing website for a small fee.

We’re way cheaper. And we do all the work for you.

Most AI writers use a fine-tuned GPT3 AI Model. We do too. In fact, we have three trained models.

From getting keywords for your niche, to generating content, inserting relevant Youtube videos to custom meta descriptions and building a full-fledged site for you – we do it all.

For now, only English. We’re working to include more languages – but since we’re not native speakers of those languages, it becomes difficult to test the quality.

Yes you can. We encourage it. This ensures the site is built to your specification.

Given the nature of the work, there are no refunds once the work starts on your order. If we miss the ETA communicated to you by 72 hours, we’ll issue a full refund on your order and deliver your work for free. More elaborate Refund and FUP Policy here.

Since we’ll be uploading a full site with images and content and a customized theme, we will require cPanel details to your server. If you’re not able to provide us with the same, then you’ll have to give us FTP access + create a new Database for us and provide us with the credentials.

We can integrate it using a third party plugin, though we’ll require your assistance in setting it up. (We’ll provide you a step by step guide with screenshots on how to set it up)

An expired or an auction domain will result in faster indexing, especially due to the number of links already pointing to it, but it’s not a 100% necessity. We build sites on brand new domains and they work great.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form. We respond to both pre-sales and post-sales queries rapidly


Get in touch, we will be happy to help!