How it works

How it works

Easy to get started

We’ve made the ordering process as easy as we possibly could. Everyone needs personalization and ordering a service should not be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

So with us, you reserve your content block and be done. Everything else happens 1:1 with your account manager.

1. Order your Content Block

A simplified order form allows you to block up to 50,000 words in one go and select any add-ons (Keyword Research / SurferSEO/ WordPress Posting).
P.S – We don’t have “low quality” and “high quality” content like some others. All of our content is “top quality”.

2. We Reach out

You’ll hear from our account manager, requesting more information about your project. This is when we ask for your keywords, your guidelines, your preferred content structure, any other specific requirements that you may have.

3. Your Content Is Delivered!

That is it! Your extremely high quality, keyword-optimized, fluff-free content is delivered to your inbox (or uploaded to your website). (: